Open a NextGen Gallery Album in FooBox from the Album Cover

Let’s say you want to have a thumbnail image in a post that when clicked, FooBox opens to a series of 3 or more images that the user can navigate through (or have an automated slideshow of).

If you are using NextGen, here’s how you can do that.

Preliminary Things to Consider:

In this case, we are creating ALBUMS. If you only want one GALLERY to show in this album that’s fine. But in this case, it requires a different shortcode than the [nggallery] one. But, the bonus is that it enables you to be able to have a whole series of galleries on the same page that each open from their own unique thumbnail.

NOTE: in order to do this you need to be comfortable adding code to your theme’s functions.php file, and have FTP access in order to upload a new NGG album template.

If you’re clear on both counts then let’s do it.

Let’s Do It

  1. ADD the following code to the bottom of your theme’s functions.php file:
  2. Upload this file (album-lightbox.php) to this folder:
  3. Go to your FooBox settings and under the “General” tab make sure under the “Use With” section that “All images” is deselected.
  4. Also in the “General” tab, put “.ngg-album-link” in the “Specific CSS classes” field.
  5. Create an “Album”, place the “Gallery” in it that you’d like. Note that each Gallery within the album will appear on the post/page with it’s own unique album thumbnail image.
  6. Note the ID number of the Album you just created.
  7. Insert this shortcode into your page/post, using your Albums ID number (of course): [album id=2 template=lightbox]
  8. You’re done!