[heading style="2"]100% Mobile Responsive, Socially Integrated jQuery Image Lightboxes [/heading]

FooBox is the first fully responsive image lightbox plugin for WordPress that makes your images look beautiful on all devices.

FooBox transforms your dull image galleries into an awesome responsive experience, with built-in social sharing and sexy slideshow functionality to boot. You have to see it to truly believe it – check out the responsive demo below to see how FooBox changes at every screen resolution to best fit your mobile device.

WordPress Lightbox Plugin for WordPress

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View the FooBox Responsive Device Demo

Responsive Device Demo

WordPress Gallery Page Demo

NextGen Demo

Justified Image Grid Demo

One of the best features of FooBox is it’s “zero configuration” to get you up and running in seconds. It works out of the box with the standard WordPress image galleries and captions, and there is also seamless integration with the NextGen gallery and WooCommerce eCommerce plugins (if they are installed). There are also dozens of other options to customize FooBox to fit into your website’s theme, as well as some advanced options for the more experienced WordPress users.

[heading style="2"]A Hidden Problem with your Website Images, Slideshows and Galleries[/heading]

You may not even know it, but it’s likely that visitors to your site who are using tablets and smartphones are getting frustrated and leaving.

As business website owners, it’s our responsibility to make our visitor’s experience as pleasant and pain-free as possible. In return, our visitors are more inclined to share our content with their friends and colleagues on their preferred social networks. It’s a win-win for both parties.

The Problem

What happens when your potential customers are visiting your site on a mobile device like an iPad, iPhone, or any other brand of tablet and smartphone? They still expect the same great user experience when viewing your content.

This is where many websites fall short, especially sites utilizing images to demo their products, portfolios, or other content that is best viewed as an image.

You’re probably familiar with the popular jQuery Lightbox feature that opens images in slick looking pop-up boxes that allow for a pleasant image viewing experience…on traditional monitor screens.

You’re also probably aware of the Responsive design trend allowing websites to be viewed differently depending on the screen size of the device that users are loading your site on.

But did you know that Lightboxes DO NOT account for screen size and therefore load their images at full size? This makes the user experience terrible and incredibly difficult for your visitors to view your Lightbox image slideshows and galleries.

Here’s a screenshot of a Lightbox image as seen on an iPhone without FooBox installed…

Mobile Responsive WordPress Lightbox Plugin


..This is Not usable at all. They can’t see the entire image, the navigation buttons are hidden, and probably forces your visitors to simply abandon your site.

[heading style="2"]FooBox is the Solution to your Responsive Image Problems[/heading]

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Once installed, FooBox will automatically apply Responsive design to all of the images on your site. No matter what image method or plugin you’re using, FooBox has you covered.

WordPress Lightbox Plugin-feature-responsive-image-sizingResponsive Image Resizing

FooBox adds beautiful and responsive image Lightbox capability to your WordPress-powered website. It allows all (or select) images on your site to respond to your visitor’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

Images automatically resize correctly on all mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, and traditional desktop monitors allowing your users to easily navigate through your images.


WordPress Plugin Responsive Social Icons LightboxResponsive Social Sharing Built-in

FooBox adds convenient social sharing icons to your images allowing them to be easily shared by your users across the social network landscape. These social icons are also responsive and resize accordingly to different device screen sizes and orientations. It’s a proven fact that the social sharing of images increases not only your user engagement, but also the traffic to your site as images are viewed by the followers of those who have shared your image.

With the popularity of sites like Pinterest and the Facebook acquisition of the Instagram image sharing behemoth, having responsive social sharing capability inside your images is something you need in your image marketing arsenal.


[note color="#D5E7FD"]FooBox offers many advanced customization and features. See detailed descriptions of them all further down this page.[/note]

[heading style="2"]Who Created FooBox and Why?[/heading]
[column size="1-2"]

Brad Vincent – Themergency

Brad has been developing software since 1997, and WordPress plugins since 2009. His most notable plugins include Twitter Blackbird Pie, Foobar and Gravity Forms + Custom Post Types. He blogs at Themergency mainly about WordPress and jQuery.


[column size="1-2" last="1" style="0"]

Adam W. Warner – WP Pro Business

Adam is a long-time WordPress community member. He has been providing solutions to other users as well as individual clients since 2004. He blogs at WP Pro Business “in the spirit of WordPress” and is focused on creating solutions that provide true value.

[column size="1-1"]

Steve Usher – FooBox and Foobar

Steve Usher is the developer behind the javascript that powers the FooBox. He has been developing plugins primarily for jQuery since 2007, after being introduced to it by Brad, and was the javascript developer behind the Foobar.


Brad, Adam, and Steve have worked together on several client projects and as their business relationship grew, they both realized there were WordPress plugin and web development needs that weren’t being met.

It was then that they decided to form a partnership and create WordPress products that were not only useful, but well-supported and adhering to WP development best practices.

FooBox is their first public release and has quickly become the “go to” plugin for advanced Responsive and Social Lightbox imagery.

[heading style="2"]See What FooBox Users Are Saying…[/heading]

Foobox is definitely one of the best lightbox plugins I’ve used for WordPress. I had it up and running in seconds and it looked great on every device.

John Turner – Creator of Coming Soon Pro

As a plugin developer myself I know how much effort goes into building a quality WordPress plugin. The guys behind FooBox have put out one of the most functional and polished lightbox gallery plugins I’ve ever seen and with the integrated social media sharing it’s sure to get your visitors clicking!

Josh Kohlbach – Creator of ThirstyAffiliates

FooBox worked as smoothly as butter. Clean install. Minimal settings to fiddle with. And then? Wa~la! I had a great looking and responsive lightbox and barely had to lift a finger. Thanks for creating such a brilliant plugin!

Tea Silvestre – aka The Word Chef

I recently got a chance to try out FooBox and I love it. It’s very simple to use and offers beautifully responsive lightboxes which I’ve already used in a couple of premium projects. Some nice social media buttons for helping those custom images go viral too!

Daniel McClureThe Modern Entrepreneur

[heading style="2"]So What Can FooBox Do For Your Website and Business?[/heading]

FooBox makes your WordPress websites better

You owe it to yourself and your clients to make sure that your site and it’s images are usable and fully navigable no matter what device your visitor’s are using.

[list style="check"]

  • Your Lightbox images will become easily viewable on all devices screen sizes. No more frustrated users!
  • Your Lightbox images become easily shared on social sharing networks and become instant viral content and backlinking opportunities
  • Built-in support for several of the most popular image and SEO plugins you’re probably already using
  • Fully customizable colors and settings to match your responsive Lightbox images to your website’s existing design
  • Include your own custom Javascript and CSS for complete flexibility to meet any need you may have
  • Created and supported by committed members of the WordPress community with a heavy focus on customer satisfaction. We’re no fly-by-night product creators!

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[heading style="2"]FooBox is More than Responsive Images and Social Sharing. View All of It’s Features.[/heading]

Feature Rich But Not Overwhelming

FooBox has a ton of features you’ll love, but we’ve kept the settings simply organized in to a nice tabbed layout. The default options will work for most users, but if you need fine-grained control, we’ve got you covered.

Lightbox for WordPress GalleriesWordPress Gallery Support

Apply FooBox to all your WordPress Galleries with a simple click of a checkbox.


WordPress Image Caption Lightbox SupportImage Caption Support

Enable image caption support easily and FooBox will pull the content you’ve added to the image caption section of your images and display them elegantly within the FooBox popup.


Lightbox Support for NextGen Gallery PluginNextGen Gallery Integration

Using the ultra-popular NextGen Gallery plugin? FooBox has got your back with built-in support for NextGen Gallery single images as well as galleries.


WordPress Lightbox Support for Custom Image CSS ClassesCustom CSS Class Support

Do you have some heavy customizations on your site? Need to add FooBox to specific elements of your site? No problem at all with the custom CSS class support provided in FooBox.


OpenGraph Meta Data for WordPress Lightbox ImagesOpenGraph Meta Data Integration

The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. In other words, we’ve included the OpenGraph Meta Data for FooBox images and because of that, sites like Facebook will be able to easily grab the correct images from your page.


WordPress Lightbox Plugin with SEO Plugin IntegrationPopular SEO Plugin Integration

If you’re running WordPress, it’s likely you’re using one of the two most popular SEO plugins available. FooBox allows you to apply these SEO settings into your images with ease. Images are an important part of the SEO equation and we couldn’t ignore that fact, so we built it in!


Auto Slideshow with Progress Bar

Do you have galleries with more than just a few images? Do want to allow your users to sit back and relax as they view your galleries?

Simply enable the slideshow feature of FooBox and all the images opened in FooBox will automatically advance, complete with a progress bar so your users know that the next image is coming.


Built-in Lightbox Keyboard NavigationKeyboard Navigation Support

FooBox has built-in keyboard navigation support that allows users to browse the images on your site and in your galleries at their own pace.


All images Lightbox WordPressAll Images Option

Want to just “set it and forget it”? This is easily done by simply checking the All Images option to apply FooBox to every single image on your site.


Lightbox Navigation Icon SelectionArrow Navigation Icon Selection

Choose the arrow navigation icon that works best with your site’s design. All arrows are also 100% responsive and will resize just like your images and social icons to ensure a consistent experience for your visitors.


Built-in Color Scheme OptionsColor Scheme Selection

Select the color scheme that works best for your site’s look and feel. These color schemes will be applied to the FooBox Lightbox border around your images and the overlay placed over your site content.


Lightbox Fit Small Image to Screen OptionFit to Screen Option

Sometimes you (or your client) have images that just aren’t large enough to match the other images on your site or in your galleries. You can force these images to fit to the screen, no matter what the device. This is another way to create a consistent experience for users when browsing through your Lightbox images.


Show or Hide Browser ScrollbarsShow or Hide Scrollbars

Simplify your site’s Lighbox image viewing experience on long pages or posts by hiding the scrollbars added by the browser your site is being viewed in.

Simple, clean, elegant.


Show or Hide FooBox Navigation ButtonsShow or Hide Navigation Buttons

No need for navigation arrow buttons on your site? No problem. Choose to hide the navigation arrow buttons. This will force your visitors to either click the image to advance, or use their keyboard arrow keys.

If you have the slideshow setting enabled, your users can simply sit back and watch.


Custom Error Message or Error ImageCustom Error Message or Image

We’ve all seen it. For one reason or another, sometimes an image goes missing. Maybe it happened during a site migration. Perhaps you’ve accidentally deleted an image from your gallery.

Whatever the reason, if an image is missing, FooBox has you convered with the ability to specify a default custom error message, or even a custom error image. An easy way to alert your users and ask them to report the issue.


Show or Hide Your Own FooBox Affiliate LinkShow or Hide FooBox Affiliate Link

We’re confident you and your clients will love FooBox and quickly find it to be one of the default plugins installed on your WordPress sites. Because of this, we’ve made it easy to share your satisfaction while having the opportunity to generate a residual income with our FooBox affiliate program. Once you sign up as an affiliate, simply enter your individual link and your Lightbox viewers will see an unobtrusive “Powered by FooBox” link in the lower right of your Lightbox window.

Want to keep FooBox as your secret weapon? No problem, just choose not to display an affiliate link.


Show or Hide Image CounterShow or Hide Image Counter

Many Lightbox scripts show you the number of images in a page or gallery as you advance, nothing mind-blowing here, but do they give you the option to hide these image counters? Nope.

FooBox gives you that choice.


Custom Counter MessageCustom Counter Message

By default the image counter text reads like this: “image 1 of 10″. Wouldn’t be nice to be able to customize that counter text to something more appropriate to the content on your site?

Change this message to “My product image 1 of 10″, “1 of 10 Home Interior Images”, or just about anything else you can imagine.


Enable or Disable Social IconsEnable or Disable All Social Icons

Although FooBox has advanced social sharing integrated tightly into your Lightbox images, we realize that for some users, there’s a desire to bypass the social icon functionality.

Simply uncheck this option and your social icons will disappear. Poof!


Choose your Social Icon PositionsSocial Icons Positioning Options

If you’re in the majority of users who are making use of the social sharing aspect of your Lightbox images, we’ve made the positioning of these icons dead simple.

Top, bottom, left, right, or center. You have the power of choice.


Choose the Social Networks to Include in your ImagesSelect Specific Social Networks

What good are social icons and sharing if you can’t choose the specific networks where you want your images and links shared?

Choose one social network or choose them all. The decision is yours.


Advanced Setting for Custom CodeAdvanced Settings Tab

Are you an advanced user and need more fine-grained control over your Lightbox image functionality and styling?

FooBox provides an advanced area for you do fully control and manipulate your Lightbox functionality with your own custom scripts.


[heading style="2"]Choose the FooBox License Option that Works Best for your Business[/heading]

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How to Get FooBox

Utilizing the power of FooBox on your own sites, or your client sites is simple. Just visit the pricing and purchase page and choose the license that best fits your needs.

[note color="#DDECFD"]Attention Theme and Plugin Developers: Make sure to check the Developer License details to integrate FooBox into your own products![/note]

Why FooBox?

The benefits and features of FooBox should now be clear to you. If you create WordPress-powered websites for yourself or for your clients, opening images in beautiful Lightboxes is a must have feature for modern websites.

More importantly, making sure those images are 100% responsive and fully functional on all the mobile devices in use today is no longer a choice if you want to offer your site visitors a seamless viewing experience.

Not only that, but adding a social sharing layer to your beautiful Lightbox imagery creates the opportunity for your image page links to be shared more easily and therefore the ability to drive more traffic than would otherwise be available with existing Lightbox solutions for WordPress.

Order FooBox now with the comfort of knowing that it adheres to WordPress development best practices and it fully supported by committed members of the WordPress community.

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